6 comments on “Episode One: Parapsychology

  1. The ‘endless episodes about nothing’… so true. I can still remember how the first episode of Dark Shadows played out: Roger and Liz arguing. and then episode 210, the first one of Barnabas’ appearances? opens with willie and jason arguing. I think it is a hallmark of the soap opera genre, without which DS wouldn’t be the same. but oh how tedious it can get. wish I had someone to watch DS with.

    • You’ve hit the nail right on the head, my dear! That’s what we’re all looking for online, isn’t it? More people to view the show with. It’s a little awkward but it is do-able. Melissa and I have some unique methods for doing so, not exactly in perfect sync with each other, but we’ve been managing.

      Because of the length of the DS show it does require long-term variables and careful listings of what # and such. But that can be quite stimulating to the mind. One just needs to keep some kind of record of it somehow. So glad I have the DS almanacs and books about it. That helps a great deal. Keep in touch. ❤

  2. Just found this site. Just started watching DS after seeing some episodes way back. Thanks for the audio.

    • Wow. I can’t remember the last time I got a thank you for The Pit audio. It’s been rare. I remember the first one in 2014 and the man was shocked that he was the first to say thank you.

      If you ever want to chat about what you like, well, that’s why I am sharing it. Take care, Jack.

      • You are welcome, and sure thing. I can be reached at [censored for privacy]. take care.

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