3 comments on “Episode Three: The Strega of Brooklyn

  1. . . . is that line of Hekubus’, ” . . . and Satan!”, lifted from the church lady of Saturday Night Live fame?

    . . “beguiled”: now there’s a word you don’t hear nearly as often as “beguiling” . .

    I’m afraid I don’t recognize the character who’s travelling, nor which sit-com she’s from . .
    Oh, wait, did I hear someone (Satan?) mumble “Golden Girls?” . . Ah, now I know who
    Mrs. Johnson’s friend is . .

    Did the original series never mention Mrs. Johnson’s first name, leaving you free
    to invent “Gabby”?

    (Yes, my parents certainly were disdainful of instant coffee.)

    Alright, Edward Scissorhands! . . Oh, did she decide he was a dream-version
    of her cat, with blades representing claws?

    Fun reference to “Laugh-In”. *giggle* And “Twin Peaks”! (with a little dig at the
    fourth wall). Yeah, can’t leave out the pie. 😉 . . and a little tip of the hat to Jeeves . .

    What *is* the mysterious piece of furniture?

    😉 Theme-song medley . . .

    • Oh! I do believe the Hecubus and Milligan duo focus on Satan for the Darkness element. The two are from The Kids In The Hall recurring Pit of Ultimate Darkness skits (which I also blended into my own title). And yep! A younger Sophia Petrillo. They had enough flash-backs on The Golden Girls where Estelle Getty lifted her old-lady make-up to perform a younger version of her character, so I played the same card with Episode Three here.

      I discovered later that Mrs. Johnson’s first name is Sarah, but since I didn’t know at the time and these two women are gossiping, I’d give Mrs. Johnson the nickname of “Gabby”. And bless you for picking up the instant-coffee mention! It was haunting me a few weeks ago as I was using some. Oh, and the scissored hand is Freddy Krueger’s. I discovered later cat’s claws were the inspiration for Freddy’s glove. Dark Shadows had a long dream-curse, so who, in my movie-viewing, would help bypass that? Yep, Freddy ^_^

      Aye! Twin Peaks and Laugh-In, and P.G. Wodehouse’s Jeeves! With the furniture, a friend and I are still scratching our heads over it. Unknown props and ornaments are often a good topic to build gags out of. (Thank you for this! Been a busy day/week!)

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