5 comments on “Episode Two: Chamberpots And Coffee Cups

  1. I just wanted to relay this over from a letter I sent as one pen friend was asking for more information about Peter Bradford since he comes up as a cameo in this episode very quickly. I explained it this way:

    “His character was from 1795 and known about due to time travel on the original. He was seen as either a reincarnation or a possession through a man named Jeff Clark in the 1960’s. In the original, Victoria was sure Jeff was Peter returning to her as a love interest. Jeff denied it for many episodes until he came to realize he had memories of Peter Bradford. So in my episode #2 I had Hoffman exclaim “For Pete’s Sake” in exasperation of another thing happening. Since the name Pete came up I decided that was the perfect time for the Peter Bradford character to pop his head in randomly and ask if someone called him, then be told to forget who he was.”

    This is another great example of why discussion is so important.

      • Aw yeah! I think you can still get it now. I haven’t ordered any, but I got introduced to it when I was curious about coffee as a little kid and, unlike now, kids weren’t quite so encouraged to drink caffeine. Thanks for the thoughts! ^_^

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