3 comments on “Episode Eight: Episode 8: A Long Awaited Trip To The Passion-Pit

  1. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    Hello, Daryl, I hope you folks are doing well
    these days.

    (When I look at your “title page” on WordPress, with
    a dozen photos from the show arranged around “The P.
    of U. D. S.”, in the lower right corner, is that . . . Alan Alda?)

    (I read your Mission Statement—have you touched it up in
    the last six months? I suppose it’s likelier that I just don’t
    remember it very well. Glad to read again your goals, which
    I admire, explicitly laid out . . )

    I’m still amused at times by the demonic narrators’ frequent “outside
    the fourth wall” references to the show . . . Ah, I see “Marilyn”
    Ross wrote a Dark Shadows novel . . oh, no, dozens! Yet more
    amusing play with self-reference/fourth wall. 😉 (Those were
    the days, 50¢ for a paperback 😉 . . . )

    . . . All those shots of Gomez and Morticia are fun . . .
    and to see them held up (justly!) as an example of
    a healthy marriage . . .

    . . . 😉 Great visual “Davy Jones” pun!

    (Is Nicholas Blair a demon?)

    Oh, that’s a great line!: “I knew it wasn’t going to work out!
    I’ve known it since the Eighteenth Century!” 😉

    😉 Your Pabst reference reminds me of my father’s loyalty to
    Budweiser . . . I wonder how many drive-ins are still operating
    in this country. I haven’t been to many . . .
    “Becoming a reality . . “: Did you choose that
    lyric for its aptness in the story? . . Oh, yeah, don’t want to
    steam up the windows . . .

    It’s nice to anticipate (because this is my second time
    listening) better days for Willie Loomis and Barnabas
    individually, and their reconciliation.

  2. [And my responses in the same fashion:]

    Good to hear from you. We’re fairly well. Also feeling pretty down losing so many people to loopy-land. Good friends just don’t behave like they used to.

    Thanks for the nod to my mission statement. Doesn’t look like I’ve changed it on my end. I put that together after dealing with about a year of nonsense, simplification, and people misconstruing my point. (Not to mention being called a “writer-only” which rankled me as I kept showing them screen shots of bumpy audio tracks.)

    Since then I updated an “About” page on the previous wordpress web-log explaining things easier in a comment about my being misled for years and waiting forever until that non-profit group came together. What’s happening to us all is very complicated and very sad but at least I understand now. And you can’t exactly blame people for unknowingly being 1) recorded heavily 2) predicted and then 3) manipulated with the evidence by tech companies. It’s not a fair fight. It’s not a fair anything.

    Now for the awesome Episode 8, yay! Glad I made things repeatable. (Like that darn Clue movie. I can still play that thing and be entertained.) Oh and yes, that was Alan Alda in the mammoth sized collage for The Pit. I was trying to blend images of him and Dr. Hoffman for #16. Glad to hear someone appreciate it. As well as the Marilyn Ross novels. (((sigh))) All the great DS-fan jokes and it ends up being mostly non-DS viewers who get the jokes. (Again, at least I understand why now.)

    But yes, I did a little research but not a ton with Nurse Jackson’s Ross novel. I figured it wouldn’t be a DS paperback but something else so I just toodled online a bit, found one, picked the name of the protagonist, Jan Davis, and threw it in. Like “Milton The Monster” cartoons, the hope is throwing in something sixties or relevant and getting flashbacks from people. Even if all the listeners for years had coherency I likely did an overload, but you never know. Different people have different lives and memories. (But I did read a few of those DS paperbacks. A few I got from my Friendster, too.)

    Aye, the Davy Jones of that time and the Davy Jones of the sea. Couldn’t pass that one up. The latter one sure confused me as a teen. I only knew the Monkee. And Nicholas Blair is some kind of demonic someone, and could get powerful on DS, but he both disappointed, annoyed and entertained us. So him getting pratfalls in The Pit works more for those who know him, since his fumbles and interruptions tend to be on the dark or Satanic joke side.

    Good to catch the reference to The Eighteenth Century. That’s at least how long Angelique has been around. Giving her the benefit of potential change, yes, her name. How could Hell’s minions not notice it?

    Great on the Pabst and what it recalls for you. Trippy our loyalties to certain brands, but it happens… almost a 20th Century requirement, it seems. Oh, and one of my 2020 highlights was seeing articles of Drive In theaters making a small come-back since you have plenty of distance at them. I thought, “Oh, it’s about time!” So I wonder too, but I remember there were lists in papers.

    But yes, we watched “Monterey Pop” and I noticed those two songs were next to each other so it would be good to have the end of that song with those lyrics, then “California Dreaming” and as I created it, even the measly demo I made, I started to really get a lift out of that Anhedonia I’d suffered in for years by listening to it… It was rather “becoming a reality” to me after enduring endless tragedy on the soap-opera. So the lyrics were perfectly blended in that way. (And yes, avoid steaming the windows. You got it.)

    Really love you listening a second time and anticipating what’s coming up for certain characters.

    Thanks and you’re welcome and take care!

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