3 comments on “Episode Five: Saving Pop

  1. “Sure? In this town?” 😉

    Oh, you’re referencing the “Christmas Story” movie in that encoded message. *snort*

    It’s fun that Captain Gregg knows a past reincarnation of Sam Evans . . .
    So the Captain is mistaking reincarnation for possession in Sam Evans’ case?

    . . Fun to see Angelique so frustrated . .

    Oh, thank you so much for mixing “The Prisoner” into it! That was one of my
    favorite shows in those days.

    “Ovaltine” seems to be a humorous code word for something special Wadsworth
    administers to Barnabas—would it be an anti-vampirism elixir, or just a daily ration
    of blood?
    (In one fantasy novel I enjoyed, when a vampire threw parties, his wife would serve
    all the guests plum wine so that the vampire could pick up his glass without
    drawing attention . . the book is “The Dragon Waiting” by John Ford, you might
    enjoy it, it retells the story of Richard III with a lot of other fantasy elements
    woven in . . I think the author may have been trying to do for Richard and some
    other characters what you’re doing for yours . . )

    . . Funny how Barnabas keeps almost saying “this new century” . . and then
    refers to electricity as “static and lightning”. 😉 *chuckle* “day and country” for “day and age” . .

    (Coffee v. soap *chuckle* . . Is Folger’s still around these days?)

    When she says the became enchanted by the earrings, is she speaking figuratively, or
    literally? Or is she speaking figuratively, unconscious of being literally enchanted?

    Fun to see Maggie and Barnabas start flirting . . .

    😉 . . . and the travellers wander into “Psycho”! (which I only know by googling
    “Fairvale”). We’ll have to see how much trouble they have . . .

    • Aye! There is Christmas Story inspiration but I did look into when the decoder ring and so forth were around. I, again, wanted to give poor Willie Loomis something more to do than sit around Wyndcliff with jigsaw puzzles. Having once drunk lots of Ovaltine I knew it was promoted for vitamins so that was a good joke on Barnabas. Oh! And I recall now the purpose of the message: It makes the edge-of-the-seat idea of something being ‘written in code’ for a daytime drama fall-flat turning out only to be a kids beverage advertisement. (“OMG! What IS Willie’s secret message?! Oh… nothing…” *snicker*)

      I do believe there is something Wadsworth has been serving Barnabas to help with the vampirism since the original shows explanation didn’t make much sense at all. So whatever Wadsworth is giving him might be the whole cure or just an enhancement. (Something from his Frank N Furter side, presumably.) “The Dragon In Waiting” sounds good! I ought to look into that.

      And yes, yes! Captain Gregg recognises an old friend in Sam Evans, presuming it was a possession from Andre duPres, but it’ll turn out to be reincarnation instead. Initially I wasn’t sure how they were friends as Andre is from the 1790’s and Gregg’s from the 1860’s, but then I realised, “Oh! Andre could have been a ghost floating about Maine when Captain Gregg kicked over the gas heater. So Andre could have been a ghost helping the Captain to learn how to handle being a ghost himself!” (Scary as I had to figure that out way after I’d written the dialogue.)

      And I had to add The Prisoner and so happy to do so. It really tripped me out to discover that Josette’s music box tune initially was borrowed from the music in that Prisoner episode. Glad you liked it!

      I do believe Folger’s coffee is still around. (That’s what we had at my old job, too. Still said “Mountain Grown” with a TM, which made me sceptical it was actually mountain grown. Reminded me of the Amtrak coffee, too.)

      Aye! The earrings were a key component in the original of seeing Maggie become spacey and enamoured with objects that had belonged to Josette. For me that was the doorway to her past-life memories, so I held on to it from the original Dark Shadows. I believe Maggie is enchanted on more than one level

      YES! Fairvale! I tried to make it light, give a listener time to uncork the mystery. (With the sandwiches and milk and then Fairvale, my Mum picked up on that pretty quick in a slow, “A-ha…” way.) So, yay! This was good to come home and see today. ^_^

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