6 comments on “Episode Nine: The Wisdom of Mayhem

  1. with the kids being ok and with Barnabas should be more careful were dr. Hoffman is concern because she has something up here sleve for sure and with Barnabas Colins should have a better servent to protect Barnabas at the same time. from Wendy Sells

  2. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    Hi, Daryl (I hope to keep up this pace of listening,
    a couple episodes a week).

    (Nice breakers in the background . . . )

    *chuckle* The “bases” . . .

    . . . Oh, you’re pulling in “The Walton’s”? 😉
    *giggle* “Easy for you to say.”

    Ah, the theory comes forth: Victoria is
    Elizabeth’s daughter . . .

    Oh, they’re talking about her traveling with Lily M.,
    who turns out to be a cousin! LOL
    . . . I suppose you’ve thrown in a picture of the
    actress not dressed up as Lily, to spark our
    appreciation of her (it’s probably not the only
    role she ever played).

    “Happening” . . “Far out” . . funny to hear the 60’s slang . .

    He’s got Poe’s raven? 😉 Or just some other raven?
    (Funny how we never saw
    ravens, living in New England…) Sounds like
    a recording of a real raven, their voices are like that, a couple
    octaves lower than crows’.

    Ah, we still haven’t escaped from the chamber pot 😉 . . .

    The way you have Wadsworth silently turn up reminds me
    of Bertie Wooster’s descriptions of how Jeeves appears, do
    you remember? He said Jeeves “floated” or “shimmered”
    into the room. I guess it’s something plenty of
    butlers would enjoy doing. 😉

    Ah, this is the episode where Maggie knows a lot of things
    that Josette knew . . . “Did I say that?”—it’s fun to hear not
    only Josette’s memory, but her style of thinking jump right

    . . Why was it again they played the occult Bloody Mary game?
    . . . “She’s dead! Again!”—there aren’t many stories where you
    get to hear that.

    . . Ah, “Hot Cross Buns” . . I’d forgotten the white streaks in
    Lily’s hair . . She seems to have a talent for predicting the future:
    is that “canon” Munsters, or did you just throw that in?

    . . 😉 and then Samantha and them . .

    . . Are all those other viewers at the drive-in from
    another show or movie?

    *chuckle* Of course she flies in as a bat . . .
    I’d forgotten that “rock” version of the Munsters theme-song . . .

  3. [And my response in similar fashion:]

    Two episodes a week sounds great!

    Aye The Walton’s! When I finally got the audio for Ep. Nine going I heard Ralph Waite, who played John Walton, had passed away, so The Waltons nod started with that.

    And yeah, I’d forgotten Yvonne DeCarlo (Lily Munster) was also in The Ten Commandments! A pal had to remind me.

    Thanks for noticing the raven! Hunting for sound effects and putting them in was a pain. It was yet another Poe reference I wanted to add, but also to have one more helper show characters something they need to find. (The crate.) There were a few Poe stories used for Dark Shadows but never The Raven, to my knowledge.

    It’s funny, in my very old notebook where I started jotting down ideas there were things that came up of what spooky stuff to add from all over the place, and then I’d see, “Oh, they already used that, so we don’t need to include it.” But The Raven was fair game.

    Oh yes, Jeeves. I could see where a bit of Jeeves went into Wadsworth. Hence the repeating gag of Wadsworth being, “Collinsport’s ode to P.G. Wodehouse”. I am so thankful Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie made that show because I had the worst time reading Wodehouse, even the audiobooks didn’t cut it. I needed that show to transfer the story information. So I think you pick up those Jeeves components from Wadsworth, that rather came into a classic butler image in the 20th century. (Gosh there was even that “Ask Jeeves” search engine once!)

    Yep, The Bloody Mary game. Just looking for something in-theme the bad guys could pass the time with. But Angelique does seem to die and come back often enough where I realized, “We’ll just have to redeem her somehow.” And the nice thing is they more or less did in the original show along the way, but then later, as my friend explains, “They sold her character up the river by making her all jealous and manipulative again about the guy she’d already gotten over!”

    Oh, with Lily’s predictions: It is actually the understanding that something had occurred back in the 1940’s during her trip with Elizabeth. It’s been long enough that an illegitimate child (Victoria Winters) is likely grown enough that the subject has returned. So Lily presumes her and Liz will join forces once more to uncork and resolve what happened. However! I do allow for Lily to be more like her dad with goofy vampiric powers and a little chemistry know how. So it can be considered canon-Munsters insofar as her being a descendent of Grandpa Munster aka Sam Dracula.

    Ha ha! Yes, it would be pretty hilarious if we had gobs of other show characters attending the drive-in movie.

    This is great. It’s helped to give me an idea for another blah-de-blah if I’m up for it, something that focuses mainly on the bonus (non-DS) components. What I find with listeners who know that, they can still enjoy it for a shared nostalgia. You have the re-run adult nostalgia having lived back then and there is also the re-run kids nostalgia that I and a few others have where we had grown-ups explain a ton of stuff in the re-runs to us, even if some of that was mesmerized murmurings they seemed to be saying to anyone in the room.

    Very good! So glad to have you enjoying the fun again. It helps a lot and I hope gives you something enjoyable to pursue.

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