3 comments on “Episode Seven: The Blair Warlock Projected

  1. [inserting Lordgro’s comments myself that didn’t show up here b/c WP is being a pain!]

    *tsk* I wish I had noticed the similarity between
    Groucho and Gomez.

    I’m really glad for that information about “Flywheel,
    Shyster and Flywheel”: the BBC version is available as a
    podcast, and I’m going to enjoy listening to it.

    One amusing aspect of referring to “My Fair Lady” and
    “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, is Rex Harrison starred in both. 😉
    . . . ah, and at the end of the episode, the professor mentions
    Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering.

    😉 . . oh, I didn’t catch those verbal tricks on first listening:
    when he asks, “Are you . . sure?”, and she takes “Sure” to be a
    guess at her name; and when she says, “Want coffee with that,
    sir? . . . Simon?” 😉 . . funny, his desk appearing in the cafe . . .
    . . oh, and when Hecubus says, “Innn . . satin!”, punning on
    “Satan”, eh?

    Also, last time I listened, I didn’t notice the Vimeo video
    you’d made available. It’s fun watching that as you narrate—
    particularly because it seems like the narration occasionally
    humorously alludes to the visuals (e. g., “Why are you telling me
    about her dog?”, just as the picture of the dog comes up) . . .

    . . . that’s a really good Lurch 😉 . . . Where did you get that
    visual of a list of “wholesome activities”?—it really adds comedy
    to the scene . . .

    . . Oh, I see, Blair thinks she’s passed away because he’s still
    working from the original script, with the inadvertent burial . .
    . . . duh-duh-duhhhh 😉 . . . (Wish I could remember the name
    of the song they danced to.) . . .

    Boy, putting together all those visuals was a good deal of
    extra work; an even more impressive sign of your dedication to
    the project.

    . . Once again, WordPress rejected my comments, so I’m
    e-mailing them (I even tried taking out the long dashes, and
    replacing them with double hyphens, but it didn’t help).

    • [And inserting my reply to the comments that didn’t make it. urf!]

      Yay! What a lovely thing to wake up to. Yes! I am glad to hear the Marx Brothers radio drama re-hashes are thoroughly enjoyed. There is a book of the transcripts for the old ones as well. Really something. And it’s a little neat to have the Gomez and Groucho similarity be so subtle we only realise it years later. (Who knows? It may have initially been unconscious.)

      Aye! Rex Harrison for both My Fair Lady and Ghost and Mrs. Muir films. Refreshing reflections for Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering. Hurrah! Some love for the goofy interactions between Milligan and Maggie. Pointed jokes to her being a reincarnation as she both proves it and is oblivious to the jokes.

      Golly! I haven’t gone through the videos in ages. I’m glad I managed a little rhyme and reason to the images. (It got boring just doing a logo image on repeat.) Gosh, if I have an image of the wholesome activities list that might be from “What To Do On A Date” instructional film. I remember thinking, “That kind of list works for friendships too… which I believe is part of their point.” Screen leisure was such a focal point, even 60-70 years ago; we were trying to remind each other what to do with ourselves.

      Hee hee hee! Yes! Nicholas Blair thinks Mrs. Stoddard is dead. I like to muse that somewhere along the way Uncle Arthur (from Bewitched) played with Blair’s head and that’s why Blair’s thinking original DS things occurred when they didn’t. And the dance sequence song is “Sleepwalk” by Santo and Johnny.

      THANK YOU for noticing all the efforts I put in. Went through all that to get chat over the years without understanding Big Tech was hypnotising most people so the ability to discuss narrative either filtered to those zones or went away entirely. Hopefully WP will work at some point. I know with other pals they just have to have comments approved a few times before the web-log allows instant approval with a notification. (And now I’ll add these comments there for the sake of not becoming ephemeral.)



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