7 comments on “Episode Six: Coffee, Tea And Cribbage

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  2. Aw, darn it! Just heard the “cards or cribbage” suggestion in the original DS today. SHE was all for it! She said, “Yes, if you like.” and HE said no! G’ah! Well, who cares, right? I got it accomplished between them anyway! 😛

  3. Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 6 . Oct 4, 2013
    Okay, I’m still plowing through the chapters, but when Wads worth started singing “Sweet Transvestite,” I could almost see Barnabas’ and Cassandra’s reactions. Would have been too funny if we could see them 😀 Also, the Norman Bates reference with Peter (or Jeff) and Vicky, now that would have been classic to actually watch and/ or listen. lol Can’t wait to get to see how they handle the Addams Family. Great writing! 🙂

    Osheen Nevoy chapter 6 . Feb 13, 2014
    I very much enjoy the interactions of Capt. Gregg & Andre Dupres! Very entertaining and elegantly written discussions of metaphysics on their parts. Although I have to say, in the original show it does seem to me that Sam himself is more of a philosopher than Andre was. Andre always seems to me to exist much more on the purely material plane, without Sam’s flights of ironic or self-loathing philosophical whimsy. (Um, CAN one actually be ironically or self-loathingly whimsical? Seemed to fit, when I wrote it, but it may be a sort of matter/anti-matter thing …) Still, for the fun of the Gregg & Dupres interactions, I will suspend my disbelief about Sam & Andre being the same person! And happy birthday to “Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows!”

    Daryl Wor chapter 6 . Feb 14, 2014
    Thanks for the review! I know with Sam being Andre it’s a bit hard to believe, but so is reincarnation. That evidence is rough stuff. You really get some components of dualism in personalities. Since David Ford played both I figured, okay, this is how to sort out the mess. Especially since, repeating patterns abound, both Josette and Maggie have lost a mother. I suppose that mother is floating around somewhere as a spirit and still looking out for them. She likely needs that kind of ability to lend support in making it all finally work out.
    And thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

    Magical Irish Dolphin chapter 6 . Feb 16, 2014
    I just listen to the podcast version of this episode, and once again you did a fantastic job in bringing this to a radio format. I love Tony and Carolyn in this. The short they talked about was on MST3k!
    That was so awesome! And Peter and Vicki’s marriage just keeps getting stranger and stranger.
    Keep up the good work!

    Alex Service chapter 6 . May 12, 2015
    So here I am, back to see if a day later (and having written the notes in the throes of a cold) I can make sense of my notes. Golly, there are a lot of notes, too. That’s a good sign … I enjoyed the Heccubus and Sir Simon parts. Really enjoyed Sir S’s longing for a date, the fact that he’s nearly out of Halloween hankies, and Heccubus’ hanky smelling like hellhound (rather than simply junkyard dog). I have a note that says “Like the ‘No, not you.'” Not precisely sure what that refers to, but … (scrolling up to check) Ah, right! It’s when Tony says he’s touched worse, Carolyn says, “Thanks,” and he answers, “No, not you.” Now, this will be a surprise to you, probably (:-) ) I wasn’t nearly as bothered by the pen reference as I’d thought I’d be! From something you said in conversations way back, I was thinking the pen reference would be way off from what would work with the famous silver filagreed pen from South America that we know and love (and/or hate) from the days of “Who Killed Bill Malloy?” So I was thinking my note would probably say, “Well, I know you can’t edit the audio show at this point, but if you ever do revise the written version of it, I’d suggest xyz changes with the pen reference.” But you know what? It actually doesn’t make me say that! Sure, the reference doesn’t go into huge humongous details about the silver South American pen, but it also isn’t incompatible w/ the pen sequence in the show and Carolyn’s part in it. So, phew! A huge relief to you, no doubt, that I’m not giving you grief about the pen! 😉 … I love the line “Even beyond death, bureaucracy still permeates.” Yep, that rings true. Have you read the “Hell Books” edited by C. J. Cherryh and Janet Morris? The bureaucracy of hell plays a big role in those books. I absolutely adore Sam/Andre’s line about “the infinite resources of the human soul.” And the toast, “Sense, if you can make any of all of this.” Also the “Many spirits but only one soul – or vice versa.” Very interesting in the context of what you’ve recently been investigating to further figure out what has been going on with Josette’s soul. “Thanks to a greedy jewel fiend we may all be able to meet again” – a masterful, and very unusual, summing-up of the show and certainly a different spin on things; I don’t think I’ve ever seen the show’s main story arc described in quite that way before. “… the size of Seward’s Folly” – awesome. And Roger and Liz are a great deal of fun. Again, as I’m sure I commented elsewhere in some now fairly long-ago review, it IS them as they are on the show – just more relaxed. As if they’d been partaking of the brandy but without the usual angst they partake of along with it. Or as if they’ve gotten hold of some pills of Doc Hoffman’s that relax them but don’t make them fall asleep. Anyway … The line of Roger’s that I specifically wrote down for this part is “Oh, it might be, Liz, but where’s the harm? Why must we all worry so much?” And then, of course, the great, great, show-encapsulating classic: “This house has been full enough of dark shadows, can’t we have some light shadows for a change? Or at least some translucent beclouding?” Also “This estate is built on scandal.” Ayuh, you’ve got that one right! 🙂 … And I love “Did Mrs. Johnson spike it?” “No, I did.” Good point about the dripless candles! Some of those candles at the Old House have gotten to be more drip than candle. Julia and Barnabas’s interaction is great, too. Acknowledging the cruelty but not quite sinking back into it. I loved the line “that neither of us is that cruel … anymore.” Naturally, I’m glad that Victoria and Peter got away from that ill-advised choice of lodgings … And another fabulous line to close the episode with: “Anywhere is normal compared to Collinsport.” And I do enjoy seeing someone actually treat Peter as a worthwhile character, worthy of respect rather than ridicule. He, or more to the point, his actor, gets so much crap from so many people that it’s immensely refreshing to see him as himself, rather than as a figure of fun. I’m looking forward to doing my bit in the Peter Bradford-rehabilitating campaign in my own work, myself, before too long.

    Tingler chapter 6 . Jun 1, 2015
    The cellar was very nicely done and you brought fun humor and smells not-so-fun to life. So then my question is since they covered the painting in a smelly dirty rug what does that do to Angelique? I know most canvas paintings will pick up le foul odor, which then as we know she aged by his paints, won’t she now begin to smell of a rotting moldy rug too? Just had to ask. Lol

    I loved how you use them to move the story further, or is it fade-into the next more interesting scene? I always picture Peter Lorre in that part. Kinda like the cartoon picture “Monster Mash”. Okay, not a cartoon. It was done in the molded puppet style where they move each one thousands of times taking one shot each time. Oh far off topic sorry my mind does wander; first sign of age. Your show narrators are both informative and funny plus they set the flow for the next chapter.

    Caught the spiking of the coffee with Elizabeth and Roger. Always thought teetotaler was strange but now it’s coffee-totaler that we need to watch out for. The adding to the coffee pot: I was thinking how big it must be. It must have had coffee in it already yet he poured a full bottle into it. I was laughing so hard, not just for that but the sound was that of filling a glass pitcher. Well at least that was my impression of it. Kinda what the Kool-Aid commercial sounded like.

    I must admit never saw the cartoon you refer to but I enjoyed their game and how Barnabas won what he wanted, and was kind enough to give her the game.

    Got the one about the electricity. Almost missed it. I like how Wadsworth also keeps knowing when to come in and what’s going on. I remember the candle tie-in too. I simply enjoy how you play him.

    Vicki should be stronger in that kind of situation, yes. She has had her share. Sadly though in the show she always played shocked or lost in tense situations. Though, I agree, one would expect her to be quicker when in danger and far more level-headed. Your scene was fun and setting her up with the Addams house… oh you’re so cruel so cruel. 😉

    Ms Matcha chapter 6 . Nov 8, 2015
    My sewing continues, and I feel like I’m sitting here with my needles and embroidery thread, sitting there with Barnabas and Julia. I love the hell hound hanky, and I think that should be the name of a band. Andre and the Captain are quite good, here. Poor David- how confusing to be told to seek Sarah. That kid’s treated like a yo-yo, on a good day 😉 HaHa to the estate being built on scandal (and how). Liz and Roger have me checking for brandy, and the coffee, while not on the perk, is at least brewing!

    Lisa W chapter 6 . May 29, 2016
    Julia and Barnabas cover a lot of subjects in their talk.
    Man, your Peter Bradford is so dead on! Especially when he is doing what he does best, yelling!

    DSED chapter 6 . Dec 23, 2016
    test test

    Sanyoshosajira chapter 6 . Jan 28, 2017
    You had me breaking out in sweat as the Dr. and Barnabas were waging their bets. Goodness. I’m looking forward to the treatment of Willie Loomis’s character. And I burst out laughing twice as Peter and Victoria floored the gas into their happily ever after. The way they tease each other… newlyweds! If you ever get the chance, youtube “grown up Wednesday Addams.” It’s a good parody which unfortunately stopped after several episodes due to copyright bullshit.

    S K chapter 6 . Apr 9, 2017
    Tony & Carolyn really hid that painting! An old rock?! Angelique’s horrors taking more hours than possible to explain: this is true—as you say about the pen—They sure seem to dwell on details! (DS Original, I mean.) That silver pen: definitely made a big issue of that.

    All the spiked coffee: sure was a lot of glugging! And Elizabeth probably knew it was another long, drawn out, supernatural affair with Seaview. Nothing is simple there!

    Don’t recall Milton The Monster—WAIT! OMG! I just looked it up online and I DO remember! I used to LOVE this, then one day it was gone! I really was sad! I was totally captivated by this monsters & witches & scary stuff. So this is where I get it. I’m hooked again! Super Ghoul “looking so good in his polka dot vest” Hee hee! These Milton The Monster cartoons are so familiar. I actually remember everything being said or sung as it’s said… It was deep inside me and I didn’t even know it! My fav part is “Horrible Hall” with all the monsters together!

    Lights going off was funny! And with candles he can’t—well Wadsworth could still blow out candles! Hee hee! For Norman Bates and Victoria, I love the mingling of shows. Who’s next!? Oh yea! Love the Munsters & Addams Family! Can’t wait! Hope to listen to it tomorrow while Mom’s in dialysis. Thanks for continuing to send, please don’t stop! 🙂

    Tito chapter 6 . May 1, 2018
    I finally did some work for Episode 6. Hope you can use it! Peace!

    The introductory sequence is pretty funny. Milligan is mourning the destruction of his love fantasy interest and Hecubus is appropriately sympathetic delivering hell hound hankies. . .stanky hell hound hankies at that! I’ve never heard the Underworld described as a “boys club”! I thought that that was a pretty funny comment!

    In reviewing the next section I’ll take an opportunity to make a prediction . . .that perhaps hiding the painting in this location will increase the paintings powers. I mean I think Carolyn and Tony are doing the right thing in terms of confining the object but the choice of location might be problematic. We shall see I suppose. The two have a funny chemistry revealed in their conversation. There is a set up for a catastrophic “burn” that never materializes. When Tony cryptically says “I’ve touched worse” it’s pretty obvious that he’s not talking about her. I sort of picture him trying to snap out of a flashback memory of something gross in his past. Carolyn is confident enough in the whole mutual interest and friendship thing that she cracks a joke and then it is reassuring that Tony doesn’t get all defensive about it. . .”baby you know I wasn’t talking about you. . .you gotta believe me. . .I never lie! no lies are told!” if he said that I would consider it to be a red flag! So far out of a five point scale for relationship stability I am going to give this couple four points. Steady as a rock!

    I was puzzled by the next part of the episode where Sam and Gregg are having a conversation about how Captain Gregg can’t jump into a body. I am picturing him to be a “talking painting” at this point so I’m wondering how he can drink wine. This could be just a problem with me having a shitty imagination or maybe listening comprehension problems. It’s funny how sometimes you can accept a fairly whimsical premise but then something like this can be like whoa. . .that’s scientifically impossible man! The more relevant aspects of their conversation deal with the complexities of the reincarnation system and how the circumstances of the Captain’s demise have resulted in limitations. In this conversation there are indications of potentials in the plot development that may yet bear the sweet fruit of tantalization.

    In the next section there is some action at the Collinwood house where David has a flashback about going to the cemetery. Is that the same cemetery where the painting is now hidden? If so I must make a note of that. This may be a cemetery where some serious shit went down. This reminds me that Carolyn mentioned some kind of traumatic event, an abduction or something? I would be a shitty cop. . .of the few details I remember I would like barely remember something like an abduction! So it sounds like David has little interest in hanging out among the tombstones. I love the way Elizabeth goes “well, there you are”. . .she’s as bad as I am!

    With his usual asymmetrical warrior technique . .Roger comes out and says yeah. . .go out and play with supernatural entities at the old house. I guess David lays the groundwork with the compelling argument that the introduction of Wadsworth has been a “game changer”. This is pretty cool though, maybe Roger has had a few and he’s had an epiphany you know?! Some translucent beclouding would do the kid good! Roger, like me, is drunk. Also like me he has implicit faith in the ability of Wadsworth to control the environment. I’m not worried about it. Burp!
    David scurries off probably in disbelief at the freedom he has been given. It proves that it doesn’t hurt to ask!

    Roger’s concern for his wife is touching (not) and totally hilarious “wife? Oh, yes. . I must confess she’s plagued me little as of recently.” I’m giving them a two out of five on my relationship stability scale. That’s being generous!

    Roger tears it up again in his assessment of the Seaview Property. His surfer reference made me think of the potential for a “vampire surfer” spin off. In the liner notes for Camper Van Beethoven’s record “vampire can mating oven” there was a description of a (probably fictional) 60s B-movie called Vampire Surfers in which emaciated and tanless caped vampires squared off against wholesome California wavehounds! Those were entertaining if not terribly informative liner notes. When Elizabeth quails at the prospect of injury of would be surfers, Roger delivers another “kicker” :
    “this estate is built on scandal. .helloooo!

    Roger nails it! Acerbic. That’s his turf. The sequence ends with Elizabeth raising the possibility that Victoria might be part of the Collins clan for real. I have no concept of the significance of this but it sounds important! We’ll see if I can eventually figure this shit out. (It might help to actually watch Dark Shadows!)

    The next scene is a lengthy conversation between Dr. Hoffman and Barnabas in which there are agreements (regarding who deserves a slapping) and disagreements. I guess Hoffman considers Barnabas’ interest in Maggie a problem. Then this becomes part of a wager in a high stakes game of cribbage where Barnabas holds his romantic ambitions in the balance and then Hoffman literally holds Willie Loomis hostage in some kind of institutional setting promising to release him if she loses. This follows up on some threads of previous episodes but I can’t remember the specifics. The sequence is pretty cool and it becomes like three games at once, cribbage being one, gambling and then Wadsworh AKA “dungeon master” playing everyone like human puppets! I can’t wait until the “Wadsworth Diaries” are released! Actually he seems a bit shocked by the seriousness of the wager as he plays his role in officiating. “These People are animals” he’s probably thinking!

    If I was writing this series I would probably have Willie Loomis emerge from the institution with a list of crazy songs and a band comprised of the criminally insane (ala Roky Erikson). They could cover “Night of the Vampire”!

  4. [inserting Lordgro’s comments myself that didn’t show up here b/c WP is being a pain!]

    Once again, your WordPress page is rejecting my comments
    (on Episode 6). Here are the comments I tried to post:
    (Are Roger’s house, the old house and Seaview all contiguous properties? I suppose the first two pretty clearly are.)

    (I’m glad you experienced such a fun game of Cribbage.)

    Were you referring to Jim Croce’s song “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” when you mentioned a junk-yard dog? 😉

    Ah, Andre has to instruct Gregg on reincarnation! Interesting . . .

    Inadvertent reference to the name of the show was pretty funny, but by the time you got to “translucent beclouding”, the line was worth plenty of giggles . .

    . . I imagine Roger can only benefit from separating from Angelique . .

    1) Is Elizabeth implying that Vicky might be her own daughter? 2) Was that plot twist in the
    original show?

    LOL! The glass “Magic Eight Ball”!

    Did Barnabas really have a habit of shutting down the power now and then? Why? . . . Or was it an involuntary result of occasional fits of temper?

    That’s pretty entertaining, that it comes down to a power play between Barnabas and Hoffman for some serious stakes! We’re on the edge of our seats . . .

    (Ah, those Dodge Darts. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get my hands on one . . . )

    😉 Morticia and Gomez: looking forward to it . . .

    • [And inserting my reply to the comments that didn’t make it. urf!]

      Golly doofus! (I’m tempted to up them in anyway with my responses, as well as the ones for #2. (And maybe pointedly express a WP issue.) Although, the second one made sense because of the link! I still have never seen a comment go through with a link unless it’s from the web log manager.

      But yes, the Collinwood Estate is pretty vast, which makes for laying out more story lines when yet another house shows up in the program. We still have fun cribbage games but have yet to encounter the four 7’s coming up again for the highest double pair royale during the go! That was something else!

      No reference to the Jim Croce song, but that’s a good one. I more know junkyard dog as the odd term. Thank you on the translucent beclouding fun. I’ve often thought the title “Dark Shadows” was rather mediocre, but that may have been what they were shooting for.

      And the idea of Victoria being Elizabeth’s daughter was definitely toyed with. Even the actress, Joan Bennett, did a little clip in later years and expressing, as Elizabeth Stoddard, that Victoria Winters was her daughter. Just this fun little film clip that was eventually done in the spirit of fun for fans.

      Yay! The Snooker game dream that turned into an all 8-ball then all magic 8 ball game. It was fun trying to decide how the dream-curse would fizzle out into simple strangeness.

      Oh, the power going out is Wadsworth, rather than Barnabas. In “Clue” when Wadsworth was describing everything that happened to the guests, there were instances where he’d shut off the lights to explain what had happened previously that evening, or add to his explanation and then exasperate his guests with that.

      Yes the high stakes game of cribbage, then the drift to Bates Motel escape in a Dodge Dart! Neat you know that vehicle. I, too, never managed to get one.

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