4 comments on “Episode Ten: The Kids Are All Right

  1. The character of Sarah Collins first appeared as a ghost on Dark Shadows to various people. It was later revealed that she was the ghost of Barnabas’ little sister from the 1790’s period. When the program’s story went back in time to unveil more of the family’s history it was shown that when Angelique did everything in her witchcraft to foil Barnabas’ loved ones so she could finally marry him for herself, Sarah was the pivotal component. Angelique used witchcraft to make Sarah sick and then bargained with Barnabas that she could cure Sarah if Barnabas would wed Angelique.

    Later on, when Barnabas discovered Angelique was the witch causing so many problems with his loved ones, he shot her and as Angelique was dying she cursed him to become a vampire. Barnabas was later presumed dead but reported to others as leaving for England. As a vampire he roamed the grounds at night and Sarah saw him. Searching to find him she left the house during a storm, caught pneumonia and died right after telling her brother, “I love you, Barnabas. I always will.”

    As a ghost, Sarah would come and stop Barnabas when his evil side got the better of him in the 1960’s. However, because of his curse and wrong-doings due to it, she once appeared before him and expressed she would never return until he was good, like he had always taught her to be. He was as heartbroken and devastated as if his poor sister had died all over again.

    However much Barnabas did change, Sarah didn’t come back to the show likely due to the actress’ growth spurt.

    In this episode of The Pit, as people are improving with help from outside forces, it became very appropriate that we might have Sarah return, which, of course, would mean The World to her brother. ♥

  2. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    Ah, I enjoyed this episode. I like the Sarah character.

    . . . Is Willie Loomis’ pen a fountain pen, or an old-fashioned
    nib and bottle of ink? Willie overhearing what the narrator says
    about him reminds me of the plot element other fantasy stories
    have used, that the mentally troubled can most easily perceive
    spirits and fairies: in Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, the
    character who most easily perceives the fairy prince (at first)
    is King George III, and a magician eventually attempts to take
    advantage of this special ability of madmen. 😉

    . . “mod and far out” *chuckle* . .
    Ah, using the word “touché” to
    highlight the scene-transition to a fencing lesson, clever . .
    I think my parents watched “Sing Along With Mitch” . .
    😉 “the sound stage that is the woods . . “—there goes the
    fourth wall again . .

    I forget—how long has it been since Barnabas last saw Sarah?
    Ah yes, Barnabas finding out these key facts at last renders him
    . . . kind of volcanic . . Was it Elizabeth who fainted when
    Lily showed up? But she knew Lily was coming to visit,
    didn’t she?

    . . Did they have more than one actress for Sarah?
    Not surprising, I suppose, particularly if the series ran
    for a while, and a ghost-child isn’t supposed to age . .

    . . That song you included at the end prompts me to
    wonder whether you’ve heard The Indigo Girls’ song,
    “I’m In Love With Your Ghost”.

  3. [And my own response in a similar fashion:]

    Neat to see you going to more episodes. If you checked the comment I left for Episode Ten on WP [this page] that likely helped you see more about who Sarah is. Someone was good enough to want more information and when I saw how well I’d done I realized I should post that somewhere relevant. When this was far-far more trivial my husband and I would joke about her often. Her character kind of bugged us, but then seeing how she died in the 1790’s was hideous, so I rather warmed up to her in The Pit.

    I think with Willie Loomis I considered him starting with a dip pen but then moving onward to fountain pens. I suppose I leave that up to the listeners’ imagination, but it’s a good question. And wild since I went to fountain pens more recently, but I had a dip pen from a pal and wow, that is so much effort. I dig the nod to stories where the semi-koo-koo can hear mysterious forces from afar! It’s a good comparison to Willie hearing the show hosts.

    OH! “mod and far out” as a description for Barnabas is a bit I actually did read Carolyn Stoddard express in one of the Marilyn Ross novels! (I only read a few, but I have a small stack.) It was so old-school I felt compelled to use that. Looks like Ross couldn’t handle Willie’s character so a Barnabas helper named “Hare” was often referred to in the novels but rarely encountered. I am *very* tempted to have Wadsworth mention him someday. If nothing else perhaps “Hare” could represent one of the stage-hands we sometimes see in DS on accident.

    Aye! Nicholas Blair doesn’t truly resemble Mitch Miller that much at all, but there was something about him that made me think of Mitch Miller. I was drawn in by the cheesiness of Sing-Along-With-Mitch, having seen old records and tapes and wondering, “Who on EARTH???” Cheap dollar DVDs came along and then The Internet, and wow. I found out. (Now if only I could find a way to include Art Linkletter… *mischievous chuckle*)

    Oh Barnabas hasn’t seen Sarah in months to a year I think for The Pit. He believed she was too ashamed to ever return to him. I tell ya, something about that and the Vedera song, just isolating how Barnabas would really feel and the rest of my Anhedonia was gone in a matter of a week or two! Something tapped in that I might have called sappy once upon a time but I have been endlessly grateful it happened and I brought her back. (From how Barnabas would feel I almost titled the episode, “Sell my clothes, I’m going to heaven”…)

    Oh and yes! Liz fainted seeing Lily because Liz remembers Lily not looking like that but more like Yvonne DeCarlo plain. (And that was me dropping on the floor for the sound effect when we had more space around here.)

    Shoot, I think I know the Indigo Girls songs you’re mentioning. I need to look those up. Found someone covering it at home. Hmm, this one is making me think of being for another character, possibly. Need to check the lyrics.

    This is so enjoyable because it confirms all anyone needs for The Pit show is a sense of nostalgia, which us re-run kids get a bit by proxy. I call it, “That takes me back and I wasn’t even there.” Initially watching The Monkees I had no idea how old it was. I was too young to understand that until later.

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