3 comments on “Episode Eleven: Caleb Collins Fights Back [Part One]

  1. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    Ah, this is where the Captain falls afoul of Endora . . .

    Huh, why flash a picture of Lily when they’re talking about the Captain? Have I forgotten that Lily and the Captain met in the Nineteenth Century?

    . . . So is Leslie within, or outside of DS canon? . . . I guess there’s nothing wrong with using fandom dot com to settle the question. After all, your primary target audience is people who are familiar with the show . . . Huh, the only Leslie they know about is an actor named Leslie Barrett . .

    LOL, there goes the 4th wall again, mentioning Yvonne De Carlo . . .

    Great kid sounds, did you record some, or get them from an audio library? . . . (At this point, does Roger know Barnabas’ history?) . . . Well, of course I’m curious to find out what cause Sam Evans wants to contribute to . . . Ah, Sam and Maggie think Barnabas is remembering past lives like they are; I wonder how much longer it will take them to get that right . . . (*chuckle* Scruffy) . . . (I am itching to find out how the Captain escapes from
    his final difficulty.)

    . . . You’re right, that song certainly sounds 60s . . .

  2. [And my response in kind:]

    Glad to see you still enjoying the show. Helping me to enjoy it again, too.

    I’m not sure what photo you meant with Lily. Episode Eleven has an early scene with Roger and Lily waking up Liz and then Liz showing Lily a photograph of Victoria. (Endora and Gregg met in the 1800’s for my show, though.)

    So Lily (Munster) in this episode has a photo of Leslie for Elizabeth from their trip in the 1940’s.

    As for Leslie? I made him up!

    With Dark Shadows there are a lot of musings of “Is Victoria Winters the daughter of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard?” Which was touched upon here and there in fan work and extras, including the actress who played Elizabeth (Joan Bennett) many years later doing a little video saying that, “Yes, Victoria Winters is my daughter.” Just something fun she could do for the fans, you know.

    It was never adequately answered and only one fanwork in recent years did a decent job of filling in that gap, but the father for Victoria Winters in that story was a soldier Elizabeth met after WWII ended rather than during. (Still, that short work was the best I’d seen in all my combing, and it was written long after I got started.)

    For The Pit, I devised someone that Elizabeth might have had a short affair with during the war and because he is a soldier he would likely return to the front lines or somewhere else and that would be a very good reason the whole affair was unknown and mysterious. The other dynamite value to it is that often war babies are named Victor or Victoria to stand for Victory, of course. Victoria Winters age totally fits the bill for this!

    So if, in the 1940’s, Lily Munster is a cousin visiting and disguising herself as “norm” in case Herman or Grandpa try to find her, she could have been vacationing with a younger Elizabeth without any elders in tow, and this would lend an easier opportunity for a romance that had to, oops, eventually make the vacation last over 9 months.

    Oh, ha ha! I guess my target audience would have been people familiar with Dark Shadows, but as you bear witness, I’m having far better conversations with the people who don’t know it as much. (Poor ol’ internet… the best intentions…)

    A few DS pals are still pretty good, but in all the World Wide Web the big tech companies have the more engaging “show”, I’m afraid…

    Oh, yes, the kids playing sound effects! I was so happy to find those and I cannot remember from where, but I was grateful.

    At this point Roger still claims some pretense that Barnabas is a cousin from England and a descendant of the original Barnabas, but he at least suspects it might be the original Barnabas, like everyone else either knows or suspects.

    Yes! The Evans, at this point, are reasoning Barnabas is the original Barnabas but through reincarnation, or at least Sam is believing that. It’s fun to play with that idea for a bit. Most of us see others as having similar experiences. (Oops!) We are what we know.

    I was SO happy I found an adequate tune for the end of part one. Years before at a record store they played that album overhead so I went to the counter to inquire and picked it up.

    Oh, and thank you for the links on The Indigo Girls tune. With that one it feels more on the romantic side and the “shadow” words in there are fitting, but it feels a bit more of a Josette song in many ways. But it’s a good one!

    Still great to hear you pick up The Gull Cottage goodies, like Scruffy. He’s nifty.

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