3 comments on “Episode Eleven: Caleb Collins Fights Back [Part Two]

  1. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    😉 “This one goes up to 11.” . . .

    That beard photograph is still impressive. 😉

    (Did you say in one of the interstitial episodes that you’d taken to running some of your voice clips through an audio device to raise or lower the pitch? I really can’t imagine how you achieved the undertaker’s voice, otherwise. And Sarah’s)

    LOL The Shriners’ scimitar emblem! . . . How does the undertaker know about the Caribbean family history, anyway?

    (Well, the actress for Dr. Hoffman certainly didn’t look like Helena Bonham Carter. 😉 )

    ( 😉 Oh right, N. Blair’s confusion between your plot elements and the original series . . . )

    Huh, are any of the ghost images during the Caleb Collins confrontation actually from the show?

    . . Oh, yes, the reference to “The Water Ghost”, nice (it feels surprising when I run across these “Easter Eggs”, references to 120-year old works, that so few people would know. It’s like you put them in eight years ago just for me (or to entertain yourself)).

  2. [And my response in a similar fashion:]

    Oh good, someone gets the Spinal Tap bit! (This one goes up to eleven.)

    And yes, I just looked around years ago for a Victorian man with a massive beard. I do believe whoever was related to the guy checked out the show in concern it would reflect badly on an ancestor, but never contacted me. (One friend did look into it and said where the image came from.) I figure they likely never got in touch because of the nature of the internet and they may have decided, “Meh… Probably just some goofy kids fartin’ around.” (That would be me!)

    Yes! The audio program has things to use to wrangle audio in all kinds of ways. So for kids and some of the ladies, I can heighten the pitch and with the Undertaker (I also made up) I just lowered the pitch pretty much as far as I could. Lurch gets similar augments as Ted Cassidy I am not… (dang… six-foot-nine!)

    (But yes, with Sarah, heightening the pitch is much simpler than looking around for whatever helium is left on the planet.)

    Ah, yes. I think The Undertaker had earlier dealings with Blair we never heard and between the Caribbean History and The Shriners convention he managed to mix a few bits up.

    Believe it or not there are actually some decent images of Grayson Hall as Julia Hoffman, but I saw a lot of fans who do find her “fantastic” and then putting up the dreariest photos, like worse than when the British press accidentally prints a poor one of a pop star. (Weirdest fandom ever…)

    Also, Carter stunned me when I heard she wanted to play Angelique in the film, but Burton preferred she played Hoffman. Imagining her as Angelique still blows my mind. I can’t seem to get far with that idea. Eva Green really owned that role when she took it. (Thanks for chatting the DS film without foaming at the mouth. It’s very pleasant!)

    Oh, for Caleb Collins: I grabbed information that Elizabeth Stoddard pointed out in an episode. Victoria Winters wanted a house on the estate and going over the papers there were things about Caleb and his will and wishes. So on Dark Shadows he was never seen, though I play with the idea he was a guy in one of the paintings. (With a beard, of course.) With recluses we often see a lack of shaving much and in the mid 1800’s a ton of experimentation and flamboyant moves with facial hair.

    (I can’t recall what I put on the vimeo version, but for what I do know there weren’t any images of Caleb. I just grabbed stuff that “fit”. Wish I’d found the Schwepps bottle, but I can’t remember if I managed that.)

    However, the details of Caleb initially in the 1800’s was not liking strangers, staying away from the family, being reclusive. If he was a ghost for 90 years watching his soap-opera family from afar, I felt he would have welled up with immense irritation so I let him become fed-up and explosive, which may have been a buried personality trait as a mortal.

    Yes! The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall! It was put in just for you or folks like you, for sure. And me, of course. (Found it on a Vincent Price record at my husband’s college, so the seed was planted a couple decades ago.) I wanted a majorly serious repercussion Caleb could threaten Blair with. John Kendrick Bangs for the win!

    But yeah, whatever friends are left, I let them know how “Easter Eggs” settle into The Pit for the sake it feels the DS creators “forgot” to put them in themselves, but it also helps that non-DS viewers understand The Pit for the simple sake of 1960’s Nostalgia. I have my own era nostalgia as well, but mainly 1960’s is what I wanted. (One pal was stunned with “Milton The Monster” years ago. She’d forgotten, looked it up and childhood memories flooded in on her. Gave her a lot of joy. My point, precisely, yay!)

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