3 comments on “Episode Fourteen: Reunion At The Old House

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  2. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    *giggle* “translucent beclouding” again . . .

    . . *chuckle* Sir Simon looking forward to potential S&M between Maggie and Barnabas (respectively 😉 ) . . . the role-playing game references are funny; “chaotic evil” is the most fun, being subtle . . . did I even hear him rolling dice? 😉 😉 😉

    (Sam: “I know exactly what it is, and what it looks like.”: Did I quote you the lines from the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast?: “This isn’t as bad as it looks. But it soon will be. And then it’ll be much worse than that.” 😉 )

    . . . Oh, Barnabas doesn’t know about Sam/Andre yet? Oh, what was Andre doing between his Andre and Sam incarnations? Waiting in the bardo?

    . . . Mail delivery was unreliable? I didn’t know that . . . . . . oh, and Barnabas didn’t know that Angelique enchanted Josette to marry someone else? . . . that would be a sweet picture, Maggie, Barnabas and Sarah all asleep . . .

    . . Oh, Wadsworth has been regaling Willie with the story of Clue? Fun . . . Are they enjoying an entirely liquid breakfast? . . .

    . . oh, that’s cute, to throw in that little pun about the secretary and the whiskey . . . Udolpho! Fun! (I haven’t read it.) . . . (speaking of “the f’s and s’s”, I have a book from 1815. The most fascinating thing about it is that on each page, just below the last line, they printed the first word from the following page; to make the reading transition smoother, I suppose.)

    Oh, wait, does Wadsworth have lingerie because of Rocky Horror Picture Show? 😉 . . does Willie have a sort of kleptomaniac relationship with jewelry? . . . (Funny accent on that receptionist) . . .

    😉 “. . too much to drink.” “Or perhaps not enough.” . . . Oh, that’s funny, making use of the non-visual medium of your story to fit all those people in Hoffman’s office— and then having her comment on it . . . it’s funny to hear all those details underlining the idea that Hoffman’s almost never in her office . . . Funny, that reference to the cribbage game . . .

    Ah, with the scene where Barnabas Collins offers to submit to being scourged somehow by Willie, I remember now that I’ve heard this episode before . . . (another difficult scene to record) . . .

    . . Why was Elizabeth in a hurry to get a passport? . . . oh, now you’re writing about a sudden change of actors in a particular role from the original show, right? . . . really, when you think about it, there isn’t much that can lighten up a house more than the raucous laughter of playing children . . .

    ah, more Clue reminiscences . . oh, and you’re not revealing the culprit of the movie! Hilarious.

    . . . Has Willie seen Sarah in some previous episode? . . . Fun, ending it with the Donovan (I’d forgotten that “blow your little mind” lyric, one of many twentieth-century lyrics that could be seen as belittling women) . . .

  3. [And my response in kind:]

    Nah, the hosts didn’t roll dice but there is a thought! It’s crazy because I came up with Angelique dealing and receiving damage to have about a million hit points while I was at a cross-walk and I recorded the idea into my (old) phone while I crossed. Had to make sure I saved that one.

    Gosh, I haven’t heard Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast. So Sam’s line didn’t come from that. It was just a fun response to Barnabas worrying over amenities. Sam has the upper hand on all counts since he knows what Barnabas knows about the situation and a whole lot more as the reincarnation of Andre duPres. My addition. Lots of same-actor characters had reincarnation ‘symptoms’, so I just added Sam/Andre into that category to help. And boy! Does it help! Two people for Barnabas to remember his past with, not just one.

    Well, Sam says, “And who was really getting all their mail? Well, I suppose you could say that now, too.” So it’s a matter of questioning reliability over all, and changes in transportation usually means the mail was worse in the 17oo’s than the 19oo’s, particularly crossing oceans.

    Oh, oh, oh! One of the things I realized with Andre, prior to becoming Sam Evans, which makes The Pit work out, is Andre was a ghost who helped Captain Gregg learn how to be one himself! Since Andre is late 1700’s and Gregg is 1860’s, Andre could have been floating around, saw this poor chap in limbo from the gas heater incident, and given Gregg input on how to manage. Hence, they became friends while both being ghosts. (Thank goodness for those other ghosts on the GAMM show! Even Dom DeLuise.) So glad you know GAMM!

    Yes, Angelique did some seriously gross things to that family in the 1790’s, so much it astounds me anyone feels sorry or identifies with her. (Very dark aspects of psychology there.) She not only made Sarah very ill to tweak with Barnabas and bribe to cure Sarah upon Barnabas’ promising to marry her (Angelique), she also bewitched Barnabas’ uncle Jeremiah and Josette to become infatuated with each other and elope. They can’t help themselves and hate themselves for doing it, too. (Anhedonia is absolutely awful, but I am almost relieved I had that ailment while I first watched the 1790’s portion of Dark Shadows. That stuff was just grim and gross and wrong six ways from Sunday.)

    But yes, I realized Sam, seeing ghost Sarah over the laps of Maggie and Barnabas asleep on the davenport (couch/sofa) would be very touched and compelled to create a sketch and painting of it. I do believe if the DS fandom hadn’t suffered so much I might have gotten artworks of it over time, alas. I still hope, just a little bit.

    Aye, I do believe Wadsworth brought much booze with him to help his re-acquaintance with Willie. Wadsworth never drank in Clue, but this situation seemed to call for it. So it was more a matter of staying up late drinking and just continuing from there. Then Wadsworth gets to explain the hilarious moment of Colonel Mustard spiraling the whiskey bottle over three glasses back in the day. Putting Willie in the know of “Clue” means we can keep on re-capping it. Again, magic! ^_^

    I still haven’t read The Mysteries of Udolpho. I just grab what might be likely for characters to know about from whatever scant knowledge I have. (I do have a copy, though. A favourite Austen story is Northanger Abbey and the protagonist was all into that Udolpho book.) Yeah! That 1815 book you have with the last word added first to the following page sounds really familiar like I’ve encountered it before.

    Yes, the finding lingerie in Wadsworth’s room is a nod to Rocky Horror Picture Show. Maggie and Barnabas can only wonder and Barnabas is right to say, “He’s been unbelievably good to me since Willie went away and… I’m not asking any questions.” He even admits before they go in there that he didn’t like to, and that attends to Barnabas’ nature of allowing people their privacy, particularly someone like Wadsworth. Even in the 1790’s Barnabas seemed very respectful of the servants, more than people were back then. (Josette was as well.)

    And Willie had some wacky obsession with jewelry for sure. There was a DS episode where he was stuck to some books at The Great House for being about the Collinwood jewelry and all Mrs. Johnson thought of it was “Well at least he’s READING!” Initially it’s avarice on Willie’s mind, but I recognized one could make those lemons into lemonade if we had him understand jewelry so well he could create it as a reformed thief.

    Oh, ha ha ha! Yes, my receptionist voice was me holding my nose. Old kid trick.

    Yeah, you really have to think over what the dialogue will be in radio drama to make a picture. I feel so blessed to have raised myself on Douglas Adams. His understanding for radio drama is gold. AND the cribbage bet, which Maggie doesn’t know about yet but she’s all happy to hear Hoffman plays cribbage. Gotta get a four-hand game going someday in this thing.

    Yes, the cane Barnabas once beat Willie Loomis with. DS fans do understand, but I didn’t know I’d need non-viewers to chat with in the end so I didn’t explain verbally what he was grabbing, well, minus in episode two, I guess. It is the famous wolf-head cane which was gold and silver in the show but ivory in the film. Difficult to record but it was scary to write. I felt a bit out of control. And performing Willie’s collapse was agony! (I refused to release that episode until I had enough discussion for the rest.)

    Ah, my big favourite in the whole series: Roger and Elizabeth opening the mail, just relaxing and chatting and being so close to The Addams Family in casually discussing ghosts. “Sarah? My goodness. This place IS busy. Where did you see her?” She’s not even that concerned. It’s like someone returned a borrowed cup-of-sugar they never expected to see again. And in between ghosts and Cousin Lily we have the dreadful passport photo. Spooky and mundane.

    Oh, and the passport is being garnered so Lily and Liz can travel to potentially find Leslie if need be. Lily advised Liz to get one when they chatted over the phone.

    Indeed, Willie doesn’t get to know whodunit from Clue. And with Wadsworth’s bringing people like Hoover into the situation he can easily ask, “What if I were sworn by government agents not to tell?” Actually, that would make sense for either Scarlet or Peacock. Scarlet runs a brothel that many in Washington probably visited (scandal!) and Peacock being a senator’s wife (scandal!) would make pretty undesirable headlines in D.C.

    I am so grateful I remembered that Willie did see and interact with the ghost of Sarah in Dark Shadows prior to him leaving for the hospital and then the loony bin. He was aware of who she was in relation to Barnabas, and it’s a massive proof in The Pit that things are improving as Wadsworth told him. Willie is already floored by Wadsworth showing up and then Barnabas allowing him the chance to give him “payback” if he wishes. So, Sarah returning to top it off is like the official stamp on the document.

    “Do you understand what’s happening?” Sarah asks.

    And Willie coughs a laugh and admits, “Yeh, I think I finally do.”

    Meaning good things are happening now, more good than bad. To the adults Willie won’t accept it, but to the ghost of a little girl he will.

    Glad you dug the Donovan song! It really struck me and even the ‘little mind’ can be seen as Sarah simply being small in general. I hadn’t thought of the belittling women, though I can see it now. I often hear “pretty” and “little” as being empty additives for the sake of conversation. Like “a bit” could mean way more than “a bit”.

    (By the by there is a Retrospective show for this episode as well, from August of 2017.)

    Anyway, wow… this is really marvellous. Happy to chat the story and all the components. That’s why I never gave up. When you find what you love, why stop?

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