3 comments on “Episode Thirteen: A Balancing of The Humours

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  2. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    (The title of this one reminds me that we can probably rely on Barnabas to always write with British spelling, such as “humour”, “theatre”, etc.)

    That was pretty funny, when Hecubus said that long-drawn-out “and” that he always follows with “Satan!”, but this time it was “aaaaand . . you!”

    . . . Oh, so people at Collinwood don’t know where Wadsworth is either . . 😉 and it was the romping children that drove him into temporary seclusion . . (Do you know the quote from Dorothy
    Parker?: “I love little children, particularly when they misbehave, because then someone comes and takes them away.”)

    . . . Nice idea of Barnabas’, trying to find a way to lighten up the whole Collins estate and family . . . and why doesn’t Dr. Hoffman like his wish to draw in Josette? Jealousy? Ah, I see . . .

    Is that the theme music from the movie Clue in the background, when Wadsworth is talking to Willie Loomis? 😉 Clearly Loomis was somehow a character in the movie . . . Hey, in this novelization
    of yours that I’m listening to, which ending to the movie Clue occurred before Wadsworth came to Collinsport? Or do you never clarify that? 😉 . . . I like that idea, of Wadsworth trying to recruit Loomis to help heal the place . . .

    . . . 😉 All Lily’s cheese nationalities . . . Is Caleb able to observe people in Collins houses besides his own? I suppose it wouldn’t be surprising, since Captain Gregg can easily do it . . Oh right, that’s
    why Elizabeth comes to talk to Caleb . . . Did Caleb say Lily’s maiden-name is “Drake”? Or was that just an alias?

    Ah, so Barnabas is reflecting on how natural it would be to die finally (after all, everybody else does). Did he imply he’s curious to see how he reincarnates? That would seem at odds with the goal of reuniting permanently with Sarah . . . Ah, yes, we’re approaching the dramatic climax I remember . . . clever of Hoffman to recruit Maggie as the best means to rescue him . . (“Yeah, that squirrel could be a Collins, too.” 😉 ) . . . (oh, yes, the echo of the line from Star Trek 😉 ) . . . ah, a deep point, Maggie needing Barnabas to appreciate each of her incarnations . . . Yes, a satisfying denouement for Maggie and Barnabas all around.

    “It’s not the fall that’s the trouble, it’s the sudden stop at the end of it.”: a little comic relief?

    Nice closing music (and aptly chosen, as you so often do).

  3. [And my responses in kind:]

    Aye! I have been asked about my “anglophilia”. It’s something that I’ve done since I was very young with so much exposure to U.K. stuff, along with other related cultures. So with Barnabas I figured, “Yeah, he’ll likely write the same way.”

    Love the Dorothy Parker quote about kids, though I am not sure I have heard it before.

    For Hoffman, yep! It’s a jealousy issue, which I became more aware of looking through DS fandom than previously. It’s funny there is a ton of non-canon romances with Barnabas and Hoffman, but when I was combing, they must have just gone in one ear and out the other. I just didn’t really notice that much Hoffman obsession online when I got started. I think a lot of people envy my lack of interest and lack of notice. (Plus, if the people who like it feel threatened by me, or anyone else without interest, that is a much worse problem that has little to do with enjoying fiction.)

    I was so happy to get a copy of the “Clue” soundtrack before creating #13! I wanted to blend in that quirky part you hear in middle bits of the film. It just ekes out, “This is spooky, yes, but this is very silly too!” Perfect to blend in as Willie Loomis begins to recall who Wadsworth is, taking him back (in my imagination) to an earlier time than Dark Shadows. So much magic to give Willie a piece of another past and one that can chronologically work.

    In the film of Clue, Wadsworth enters Hill House and there is a caption that reads “New England, 1954”. So, I am playing with the idea that Willie Loomis is about 27 in Dark Shadows so he could be about 14 in “Clue”. In Pit #13 he tells Wadsworth, “I did like you asked me and I stayed outta that house.” Which is good since nearly everyone, outside official invite, who came to the door got killed. That detail makes Willie having been there while never being seen work all the better.

    With Lily Munster, her maiden name is Dracula. (I learned this better in a Munsters show where she goes to find work with her maiden name.) So, with “Drake” it is the name she used, based on her maiden name, to not be traced by Herman or Grandpa in the 1940’s.

    The ghost of Caleb Collins has almost as many powers or similar ones to Captain Gregg and maybe even Beetlejuice. That makes the rules about his house in his will from 1872 (?) make sense as well. The mortal Caleb may have understood he’d be earth bound for 100 years after his death. As a recluse he wouldn’t like anyone moving in while he’s in that state.

    With Barnabas becoming suicidal there are a few reasons, one is knowing Sarah, his sister, is on the other side anyway. He’s also just discovered he harmed the woman he loves most in the universe far worse than imaginable, that she’ll never forgive him, and why not perish in the same way she did in her previous life? A sacrifice to understand what Josette went through.

    And yes! I *finally* got that Dr. “Bones” McCoy line out of Dr. Hoffman! (Which may have actually been written while I was traveling by bus.)

    Now Maggie, digesting her previous lives and her kidnapping, isn’t feeling so warm with the guy, but upon recognizing he’s going to go and enact her previous fate as Josette: OH no! That’ll catch her as the thing of dire importance in any circumstance. And she has to ask him if he loves her for herself or if she is seen more as a prize. This is why, at the cliff, she asks Barnabas, “When you look at me is Josette the only *thing* you see? The only *thing* you want?” She’s using the word “thing” because her concern is being seen as an object and not wanting to be objectified. So, when Barnabas answers, “No,” that is precisely what Maggie wanted to hear. 🙂 (And not only that, it was the truth.)

    Aye, not the fall that hurts, but the sudden stop. It’s not really meant to be a joke as much as it sounds like one. But Maggie’s point is free fall isn’t the painful part and she puts it to Barnabas because he asks, “Why not let me fall?” But it’s neat to hear someone’s take on that. Discussion is very important!

    Thanks for the nod to “Both Sides Now”, and it was mainly that portion of the song that worked so well, but yep! I dig picking the apt music.

    Oh, I mention the July 2017 show with how #12 and #13 were created, but I checked it again and it might be good to skip a half hour of that (if interested) because the first half hour is just updates on me and what I was learning about the big tech stuff back then.

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