3 comments on “Episode Twelve: Dark Therapy

  1. I know I squished a lot into this series so I wanted to offer why the check (paid to destroy Angelique’s painting) was so important to send here and why Captain Gregg and Sam/Andre are arguing about it so much. During Episode 11 in “The Pit of Ultimate of Dark Shadows”, Barnabas is asked to make the check out to someone other than Sam Evans:


    BARNABAS: Oh, Mr. Evans! I’m afraid I’ve neglected you. I owe you quite a sum. (gets up, opens drawer)

    SAM: Ah, before you do that, I don’t want that check signed out to me. I think we all know what that painting job was meant to pursue, and much is being discovered when it comes to the repetitions of the supernatural, eh?

    BARNABAS: Repetitions? Supernatural?

    SAM: Reincarnation, Mr. Collins. You know, when people return from an old life into a new body to complete any… unfinished business?

    BARNABAS: Oh, I suppose I’ve heard a little about reincarnation.

    SAM: (chuckling) Yes, I think you have. Now, make the check payable to… The Parapsychology Foundation. And, could you write “reincarnation research” into the notes area of it?

    BARNABAS: Hmm! If you’re sure… I suppose I can squeeze it in there.

    [scribbling, perforated paper tearing…]

    BARNABAS: Here you are, Mr. Evans. And I must thank you most graciously. I do intend to hire you for less crucial work in the future, but nonetheless welcome portraits.

    SAM: Good, as you likely realize, I won’t see a penny of the payment for this one.


    And there we are. That’s why the check argument in this episode gets so intense.

    Take care,


  2. [inserting Lordgro’s comments for this episode, with kind permission, and excluding things I was concerned were too personal/private. (Hope that was okay.)]

    (Aw, no Vimeo for this one, too bad . . . )

    LOL! I enjoyed that oblique reference to
    ” . . you do that voodoo that you do so well . . “.

    . . Was that exclamation in a foreign language?
    German perhaps? (mentioning 1918 and the “Empire”,
    after all) . . ah, as the session progresses, that seems to
    confirm it . .

    Now, this is strange. Here I am at minute 11:00 of Episode 12,
    listening to Dr. Hoffman do past life regression with Maggie, and
    I could swear I haven’t heard this before (it should have
    impressed itself on my memory!). But I’m convinced that I’ve
    already listened this far once, and beyond: I remember
    (foggily) a plot climax about Barnabas, which hasn’t happened
    yet at Ep. 12, minute 11 . .well, I guess it’s just a weak memory,
    coupled with a listening hiatus of many months . . .
    (jeez, did I skip an episode last time around? . . )

    . . This regression is fascinating . . (good spooky/tense background
    music, by the way) . . (Do you speak French? I speak almost none.) . .
    (I can see that that must have been a difficult performance . . )
    . . Did Nicholas cause Angelique to become a vampire? How?
    He’s not one, right? So he can’t bite her . . Now it occurs to me
    that Angelique turned Barnabas into a vampire, right?
    Did she do it without biting him?

    . . I forget whether there’s anything about the medallion in previous
    episodes . . Ah! That’s how to rescue the captain . . What is the
    captain so angry about? . . . (Funny, when Sam and the captain
    walk together, you can only hear one set of footfalls. Logical,
    I guess. Did you set up the effect that way on purpose?) . .
    An interesting mystery, the question of which organization
    Sam donated to . . .oh yes, the list of inventions that Barnabas
    missed: toasters,8-tracks, zippers, women doctors, 😉 . . .

    Huh, Jennings declares that he’s Caleb’s friend:
    I didn’t realize he felt he had a rapport with the ghost . . .
    🙂 Carolyn advising Barnabas to be present in the moment:
    it almost sounds like the pop-Buddhism popular at the time:
    “Be here now” . . .

    Oh, Willie Loomis was framed for a kidnapping? Rough . . .
    Fun to see Carolyn deducing so much . . . oh yes, the
    tantalizingly inaudible whisper . . . and her satisfaction
    with the death of a villain . . .

    Ah, Sarah indicates that the afterlife isn’t as
    straightforward as some might think . . .
    😉 Sure, let the ghost-girl answer the door!
    (Where is Wadsworth?)

    Ah, the big reveal! . . So does the final song indicate
    a suicidal inclination of Barnabas’?

    (I really enjoyed hearing (again, though I forget in which
    episode) the mid-century crooner ad libbing a whole bunch
    of lyrics. 😉 )

    Looking forward to Episode 13. Excelsior! 😉

  3. [And my response in similar fashion:]

    Ah, yes, I really felt strongly about episode 12 in how dark and tragic it gets, so I never made a video for it. I just felt I was getting so shafted online there were some extras I just wouldn’t go through with. Having to perform all that sadness in Josette’s various lives felt like a baring of the soul… sheesh, I even felt bad for poor Hansel Bachmeier who I just made up!

    (I was irritated there was an 1897 incarnation of Josette duPres, as Kitty Soames, so I threw in a male incarnation for good measure.)

    Aye! Hard to resist “that voodoo” line when it comes to Dr. Hoffman and her medallion. The Pit is nice for the sake we have these tools once used for the worse to resolve things instead. And for Hansel’s life, I just grabbed a bit of German that might make sense. I still don’t know how double agents work exactly, but I figured having him be a double-agent meant he might not have been helpful to The Kaiser, it could have been different. (Sam’s reaction is priceless to me too.)

    I’m very grateful you let me know you don’t recall Episode 12. I get the impression a lot of people have similar problems now, but who is aware it is happening is also difficult to determine! I do believe you did, but I also come upon discoveries in life I feel are brand new while questioning if it’s a re-cap I’m experiencing.

    Oh, my attempt at French is helped by my husband’s two years of it in high school. I think he even said in an extra show, “Yes, when the French is bad? That’s my fault.” Some of Sam Evans French is bad on purpose because when I tried the accent for Sam he sounds too much like Captain Gregg.

    In DS, Nicholas Blair did turn Angelique into a vampire in some wacky warlock way. Angelique also turned Barnabas into a vampire in the 1700’s through something equally as wacky. (The film did a far better job of that!) In the 1960’s series Angelique exclaimed something outrageous and then some prop-hand brought in the stringed rubber-bat on a stick to bite Barnabas and the poor actor really did his best to make it seem authentic considering the embarrassing lack of special effects. (It makes Grandpa Munster’s bat-pal Igor look two decades ahead of its time.)

    Ah, I did try to put in two sets of footsteps for Gregg and Sam’s walk to the mailbox, but I likely didn’t do the best of that. Gregg is mainly angry at Sam because Sam is all outraged over Barnabas when previously he was angry about Angelique and he’s trying to get Sam to remember the fuss from his previous life rather than throw away everything he’d worked so hard to gain in investigating past lives, getting the cash for the painting, and also having something to offer the Parapsychology Foundation to help others to understand reincarnation. Captain Gregg is expressing, in so many words, “You wanted the answers, you got the answers: You have to be able to handle it.”

    Yay! The list of inventions! I can still remember how fun that was! (Plus my anhedonia was lifting so it was likely almost as fun then as my memory of it!) I just went to bloody town coming up with more to add and then letting Hoffman admit, “Mr. Evans… we could discuss this endlessly.” It’s so true! (So much is explained in my July 2017 Retrospective show, by the way, the good, the bad, and the hilarious.) “How does the man shave???” Still cracks me up.

    Yes, Tom Jennings did seem to notice that Caleb was loud and scary but he liked Tom and for reasons Tom had no idea about. Tom’s scene with Lily and Elizabeth felt like that little bit of my show in which we get the impression that, “Collinwood is done with soap opera.” Elizabeth just expressed Tom saw a ghost and he can admit it, no worries. Even the fretting Elizabeth Stoddard, with all her proprieties, has let her hair down, at last.

    Oh yes! The scene with Carolyn near the ocean. I can recall you discussing that with me before and trying to make out what the whispering was saying, too. (Which was just random sound effects I put in. No audible words.) But yes, that was the very first scene for the whole series I can recall writing, so when I got to this point I realized, “If you don’t put this in now you might never use it.” But adding stuff about Sarah later since she’d been included. Jason McGuire was a very, very unredeemable villain, for sure. (Even the actor, Dennis Patrick, got sick of the role.)

    Willie Loomis did get framed for the kidnapping of Maggie Evans. He was involved but under the pressure of a vampire. And that gets dealt with in episode 14. I never saw nor heard of that being dealt with in any fanwork, either. I was listening to audios in podcast of DS episodes and came across details about Willie to remind me what happened. (Good as all we had to watch were Netflix rentals back then.) Commute-to-work study time.

    “Carnival of Souls” I’d loved in instrumental but then I heard the lyrics actually sung by Verne Langdon and I realized, “Yeah, that hits home for this!”

    And yessum on the suicidal element with the song at the end of 12 since Barnabas gets to find out he tried to coerce Maggie into pretending/believing she was Josette at one time, only to discover she was Josette all along and he tortured the very love he was wanting so desperately returned to him. Hoffman telling him he has a genius for romantic blunders is as precise as it comes for the guy.

    But yeah! Let the ghost girl answer the door. Wadsworth is hanging out with Professor Stokes during episode 12, hence we get the big re-meeting with Mr. Loomis and Wadsworth for #13. So during 12, unheard, is the revelation of Stokes discovering what he’d suspected, that Wadsworth knew Willie far more than anyone realized.

    Anyway, if you ever want all the details there is a two hour show I did for July of 2017 in which I explain a ton of the creation and back history for episode 12 and 13. No pressure, though! Just a suggestion. It’s pretty intense how so much culminated in 2013 in a single month.

    However, one pal pointed out she enjoyed me ranting a bit, in that one, about people being confused over who Barnabas Collins loved, and their befuddlement, when it’s blatantly obvious who he’s dying to be wed with so much he might as well be bursting into song about it. To me who Barnabas Collins loves is a geek component that is impossible to miss. Very frustrating to see fans heavily question this after being surrounded by the intense accuracy quotations from (old) Star Trek geeks and being one myself.

    Phew! I hope this wasn’t too long or indigestible. Very fun for me, thank you! I realize I wouldn’t’ be able to accomplish so much without being a quite selective hermit of sorts. So I’ve held on to a lot of knowledge that’s more difficult to maintain for most people these days. But yes, looking back I’ve felt my Pit episode 13 was, for Dark Shadows, akin to Captain Kirk’s answer to The Kobayashi Maru. Just re-write the test so that you’ll win. ^_^

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