One comment on “Episode Twelve: Dark Therapy

  1. I know I squished a lot into this series so I wanted to offer why the check (paid to destroy Angelique’s painting) was so important to send here and why Captain Gregg and Sam/Andre are arguing about it so much. During Episode 11 in “The Pit of Ultimate of Dark Shadows”, Barnabas is asked to make the check out to someone other than Sam Evans:


    BARNABAS: Oh, Mr. Evans! I’m afraid I’ve neglected you. I owe you quite a sum. (gets up, opens drawer)

    SAM: Ah, before you do that, I don’t want that check signed out to me. I think we all know what that painting job was meant to pursue, and much is being discovered when it comes to the repetitions of the supernatural, eh?

    BARNABAS: Repetitions? Supernatural?

    SAM: Reincarnation, Mr. Collins. You know, when people return from an old life into a new body to complete any… unfinished business?

    BARNABAS: Oh, I suppose I’ve heard a little about reincarnation.

    SAM: (chuckling) Yes, I think you have. Now, make the check payable to… The Parapsychology Foundation. And, could you write “reincarnation research” into the notes area of it?

    BARNABAS: Hmm! If you’re sure… I suppose I can squeeze it in there.

    [scribbling, perforated paper tearing…]

    BARNABAS: Here you are, Mr. Evans. And I must thank you most graciously. I do intend to hire you for less crucial work in the future, but nonetheless welcome portraits.

    SAM: Good, as you likely realize, I won’t see a penny of the payment for this one.


    And there we are. That’s why the check argument in this episode gets so intense.

    Take care,


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