3 comments on “Episode Fifteen: A Blundering Succubus

  1. Now for myself?

    I WISH I had performed this better between them. I only realized later that it’s the FIRST fan work in which the earliest TWO vampires played on television by Canadians are meeting!

    Lily was played by Yvonne DeCarlo, who came from British Columbia, and Barnabas, played by Jonathan Frid, was from Hamilton, Ontario. I HOPE I can have them interact even better in the future. ❤

  2. . . Ah, “trouble on the set”—there goes the fourth wall again.  😉

      . . You’ve lost me when you talk about a lot of cards spread over the coffin.  Is that cribbage?  Solitaire? . . . Ah, discovered Mary Read and Anne Bonny on the internet; I can see how they would still have been known in 1795.  That’s Angelique’s reaction to her coffin having been decorated by a cutlass, right. 

      I misheard “Lily” as “Millie”, and went down a research rabbit hole about Millicent from 1795 . . .

      *giggle* Confusing Victoria Winters’ initials with the Volkswagen logo . .

      Fun to see Willie playing with Sarah:  that should be quite healing . .

      What does the music box do?  (Pardon me if you’ve portrayed that already.)

    😉 “Madam….moiselle” again

      😉 “Love-bats” instead of “love-birds”

      😉 A coffee variety named after “Lucretia Borgia”? Very good!

      “Not so much . . any more.” reminds me of “Monty Pythonand the Holy Grail”:  “She turned me into a newt. . . . Well,I got better.” . . Ah, vampires come in different varieties . . .

      . . Ah, Reverend Collins.  I suppose I should have expected you to mention him at some point (did they on the original show?).

      “My connections swear there’ll be none of that ‘parallel
    time’ nonsense.”  Caleb is pretty disdainful of that plot
    twist that the writers introduced—do Caleb’s feelings
    reflect your own on that point? 

    At the top of the page, the in the bottom right illustration in Alan Alda, isn’t it?
    Between the glasses and being in black and white, you’ve done a very good
    job of giving him a Dark Shadows flavor.

    Cordially, etc. . . .

    • Aye, a fly on the set was a frequent stumbling block in production of the old show. The coffin relates to what has become of Angelique. On the original, and in the Pit’s 12th episode, comes the moment that Nicholas Blair turns Angelique into a vampire. It’s in the Pit’s 11th episode he goes to purchase a coffin from the local undertaker in advance of making Angelique a vampire so she’ll need one. So they’re playing cards on the quickly procured coffin. And yes! She sees the cutlass and makes a Bonny and Reade crack over that.

      Yes! Plenty of viewers have seen the “VW” written out in the 1790’s portion as a conjuring method and our being so raised with so much advertising makes us immediately think “Volkswagon”. ^_^

      The music box reference is Josette’s music box Barnabas gave to her. He later tries to give it to others, or sometimes it just seems to trip someone out, or it opens on it’s own. One of those spooky facets that keeps changing and is iconic for the show. Wow, is the Borgia coffee named after Lucretia? I mainly recall it as a particular blend that may or may not have hints of orange. And no, there was little mention of the original books on the DS show (minus The Count of Monte Cristo very early on). A friend and I haven’t seen anything listed that Austen’s works were influences of 1790’s DS, but we heavily suspect they were.

      With Caleb’s ghost, I got the feeling if he was earth bound for one hundred years and even at a distance watching his huge family metaphorically eat each other alive, he’d just start exploding if he ever showed up. His attitude about what he’s seen and endured throughout time makes a lot of sense. For the purpose of a relief-series that resolves things Paralell Time could only be helpful for quick gags and not a lot else. I don’t have much disdain for Paralell Time personally, it’s kind of an “Oh?” or fun on Star Trek shows. (But Paralell Time definitely *adds* the point of requiring a Time Lord to bypass the problem, which is quite fun!)

      I do enjoy grousing about certain bits of the show for fun, that and other stresses makes Caleb’s crankiness very easy and enjoyable to perform, when I can get the accent right. Oh! And some admiration of Hawkeye being in the collage. That is nice to see. Thank you!

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